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Tooth Pulling..?

I had a tooth pulled on Friday. I had the normal pain and swelling which comes with pulling a tooth, but under my tounge in the inside of my mouth where the tooth was extracted I have a bit of swelling. I am not in any real pain, just the soreness from the pulling, but I had a tooth pulled before and never had swelling inside of my mouth. Did anyone ever have this before, and is it normal?

Tooth Pulling..?
I think it just depends on the area where the tooth was pulled. Last year I had to get both of the back teeth on both sides of my mouth pulled. Well, it didn%26#039;t hurt at all and hardly no swelling. Now a month ago, I had to go back and get an other tooth pulled. It was one of those up front teeth(I think it%26#039;s called a K-9), and it is still pretty sensitive. It%26#039;s healing really slow. I think if you just give it time you should be alright. No drinking threw a straw and no smoking though. You don%26#039;t want to get a dry socket. Those things hurt real bad. Right now, my wisdom teeth are growing into the spot where I had the first two pulled.
Reply:it is a major trauma to your mouth -expect anything. If it interferes with swallowing get help. Eating things high in vitamin A -like squashes and melons helps the inflammation and healing.
Reply:i%26#039;ve had problems with it befor, and i%26#039;m pretty sure its normal cus every time i got a tooth pulled that happened to me

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Might have to get my teeth pulled for braces?

My orthodontist said that because my teeth are crowded and I have a %26quot;stuck%26quot; wisdom tooth I might have to have 4 teeth (2 on the bottom and 2 on the top) pulled to make more space in my mouth. He said that it is not for sure yet but likely--he might change his mind and I won%26#039;t have my teeth pulled (that would be great), but I am REALLY nervous at the possabillity of my teeth being pulled.

If anybody can help me that would be great.

-What is it like to get teeth pulled?

-What is the process/What do they do when they pull your teeth?

-Does it hurt?

-What does it feel like afterwords?

-Should I get 2 done at one appointment and then 2 at another or should I do it all at the same time?

-Any other information about getting teeth pulled would be really great!

I would really like to hear from people who have gotten their teeth pulled for braces and dentist who have delt with this situation before

Any kind of comfort you could offer me would be great.

Thanks in advance

Might have to get my teeth pulled for braces?
it is acommon procedure to pull 4 teeth before starting orthodontic treatment since you have crowded teeth

and the answers you want are

-What is it like to get teeth pulled?

totally painless procedure

What is the process/What do they do when they pull your teeth?

dentist start giving you local anesthesia using injection

the pain of injection can be decreased by applying anesthetic gel to the site prior to the injection

during extraction you feel nothing except the slight pressure

used to pull tooth out but no pain

-Does it hurt?

no it does not

-What does it feel like afterwords?

you will be unable to eat hard food on the area of extraction

for 3 days but you can eat soft food

-Should I get 2 done at one appointment and then 2 at another or should I do it all at the same time?

you can do the 4 in the same time but anesthetizing 4 quarters means that numbness following anesthesia will be too much and very unpleasant feeling

my advice to do 2 in atom this is much easier for you

last note

after extraction follow your dentist instruction carefully

and don%26#039;t be afraid

good luck dear
Reply:1 st get a second opinion and next just relax.....also i would say get it done on a Friday so you can rest the weekend......
Reply:I did have then taken out and it was well worth it. Yes it sucked, but I was awake so if you can be put to sleep I would recommend it. Once the teeth are out they feel weird, the openings but once you braces start doing their things in a couple of years the spaces will be gone. If anything get a second opinion.
Reply:I feel your pain. I had 4 teeth pulled as well. The ones in the very back. I was nervous too but after it was over you feel better except for feeling crappy about the fact that you can%26#039;t eat the foods you want. But the endless ice cream and Jell-o is great :0). The dentist will just numb you and taking the teeth out depends. if the tooth is under the gums and is pushing on your teeth he%26#039;ll Numb the gums and he%26#039;ll pull it out. The tooth is long, though; it%26#039;s crazy! But he%26#039;ll probably suture your gums or not and that makes space for your wisdom teeth. I don%26#039;t know about your procedure but it might go somewhere along those lines, depending on the dentist as well. Hope this helps. Don%26#039;t worry, you will only feel some pressure while the tooth is being pulled out, but that%26#039;s about it. It%26#039;s nothing to worry about. But hey, it%26#039;s worth it. You get a nice smile when it%26#039;s over.
Reply:don%26#039;t worry it doesn%26#039;t hurt. they numb your mouth (this hurts a bit)and pull it. when they pull it it just feels feels like wiggling a big tooth if they numbed it enough.I%26#039;ve had 4 teeth pulled also it is better to get them done 2 first and 2 a second time. it hurts a bit after , ice cream helps. get it done on a friday so u can rest for the weekend. good luck!
Reply:I just got braces 2 weeks ago and had to have four teeth pulled. All they do is just numb you with novaine and then they take an instrument and move the tooth back and forth to loosen it and then they pull it out. One of my teeth had to be surgically removed which meant that he had to cut down into the gum to pull it out. That was the only really painful site. Afterwards, you will still be numb for a few hours and you will experience some soreness. I had all mine done at one time, so its up to you and your dentist if you want to do it over 2 visits. It might be better to get them pulled all at once. I was just so anxious to get my braces so I just went ahead and did it to get it over with. Email me if I can be of further help.
Reply:dont worry. If you need teeth removed then they will give you pain medicine (probably local anesthesia to prevent feeling anything). You will look great when the braces are complete and the orthodontist knows what he/she is doing. Trust them they have done this before with other patients. Having teeth removed is common.
Reply:OK i had mine done 2 days ago. Here is how my day went.

It was a wednesday and i had to meet my orthodontist at his office at 8 a.m. I woke up as if it were a regular school day and met my ortho at his office. The guy who pulled them was only a couple of blocks from my ortho. so we walked and when i got there they called me back and i sat in the chair. Then he came in and gave me a q-tip with this numbing stuff. Then he gave me a 4 shots because like u i needed 4 pulled to make room for braces. The shot felt like a pinch and kinda hurt. Then he left for a couple of min and after 3 min my mouth was very very numb. Then he took this tool and pushed my tooth and this hurt the worst. Even with novacain. He told me to tell him when it was unbearable pain and he would give me more novacain. Well i ended up getting the shot 8 times. Once he pushed it around he took another tool and swirled it around and pulled it out. That didnt hurt at all. He did this 4 times and it took about 45 min. Then they put some gauges in. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! If you take these out your mouth will bleed profusly and it may take longer to get the braces on. You have to wear them for an hour afterwards. Then when i got out of the chair i fell because i felt lightheaded for some reason. Once i got back on my feet i had to walk ALL the way back to the orthodontists office to my moms car. And since i got all those shots my mouth was so numb i coudnt feel my own saliva. So i was drooling everywhere. I felt dehrydrated but my mouth was full with spit. But when i got home my gums really hurt. To my surprise they didnt pull the teeth like you do when you lose your baby teeth. They actually pull the roots along with it. I ate some ramen noodles when i got hungry and later i tried some chicken fingers but that didnt work out too good. My mouth was numb for about 4 hours afterwards. Chewing doesnt work because if anything touches your gums where the teeth were pulled it will hurt. If your gums are still bleeding hours afterwards put more gauges in. They will be purple for about a week afterwards but thats normal. Now its been 2 days and today i ate tacos at school for lunch. The only thing i wish i could stop is this feeling that when i move my tounge there is a hole. There is also a tickle sensation going on. I would suggest getting them pulled all at one time unless you wanna go through this twice. Just know that in 2 years you will have perfect teeth and it will be worth it. I hope everything goes well and you get what you want.

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Teeth PULLED! Dentists help me!!?

I have to get 4 teeth pulled; 2 on the top, 2 on the bottom.

The ones on the top are right next to my %26#039;vampire teeth%26#039;.

The 2 on the bottom is the tooth after the tooth right next to the bottom vampires.

will it be really hard to get my teeth out?

what if my teeth wont stop bleeding really heavily?

could i die from getting these pulled? can they break my jaw? is there a chance my nerves will get damaged and then my face will be droopy?

yeah i have braces and my teeth are real crowded and they wont move unless they take teeth out.

Teeth PULLED! Dentists help me!!?
There are always %26quot;risks%26quot; with any medical procedure but the actual chances are VERY low. The risks you mention really don%26#039;t come into play. Your mouth will bleed while the procedure is going on, but probably won%26#039;t afterwards. Try calling and talking to your dentist or go in for a special appointment if you%26#039;re really as scared as you sound. It will probably help calm you and alleviate your fears.

I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted on a Friday afternoon and went to prom the next day without looking like a freak :) I even had a friend who had teeth pulled and met her future husband later than night. So, while there will be some swelling, it shouldn%26#039;t be anything major. Your dentist will tell you how to take care of the areas where your teeth were so you don%26#039;t have any problems.
Reply:it seems that you%26#039;re pretty freaked out about this

it%26#039;s not that crazy, you won%26#039;t bleed, you won%26#039;t ruin

your jawline and you won%26#039;t die because of that

usually it%26#039;s pretty painless just make sure that

the dentist have the equivalent to morphine

to make sure you won%26#039;t feel a thing during

the procedure
Reply:I%26#039;ve been there.It%26#039;s not so bad. I had my 4 wisdom out all in one sitting.

There are some swelling a couple of days and bleeding is not a problem.

If there is swelling, put ice packs your face.



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Theyre pulling out my baby scared!?

im 14 yrs. old and i got my braces put on in dec. they didnt put them on one of my teeth, a baby tooth. the last baby tooth i have. because it never came out the permanent tooth grew in my gum, impacted tooth as they call it. im getting it pulled on tues. and i think they are going to cut my gum so the permanent tooth can slide down. i was just wondering if it hurts to have a tooth pulled. its never happened to me and im really scared. im going to an amusement park a couple of days after, will i be in pain then, too much to go? please answer, i am clueless as to whats going to happen. my mom says having a baby tooth pulled is not as bad as having like wisdom teeth pulled or whatever. thanks a lot! =D

Theyre pulling out my baby scared!?
If you have a good dentist, there should be no pain at all. The put a topical agent on your gum before the needle so you don%26#039;t even feel the needle. Once numb, you feel nothing.

If you are really nervous, they my offer you (or you can ask for) Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) - it relaxes you.

The difference with baby teeth is - they have no roots. The just kind of sit there. There isn%26#039;t much of anything holding them in.

Relax - it should be no biggie.
Reply:sorry good luck, and yes it hurts, badly
Reply:I had 4 teeth taken out wen i was 11

it killed and they havent grown back yet.

Your lips feel well numb after

Reply:They numb your mouth so it doesn%26#039;t hurt a bit. Don%26#039;t worry it doesn%26#039;t hurt at all, I%26#039;ve hasd to get 5 teeth pulled while I%26#039;ve had braces on. I am also 14 years old. Good luck!
Reply:Getting teeth pulled isn%26#039;t like it used to be. Your dentist will probably use a little Novocaine to numb your jaw. Ask her to use that probe thing that they wiggle around the tooth to loosen it first.
Reply:It doesn%26#039;t hurt. The dentist does it all the time. It is quick, not bad at all.
Reply:I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled and the shot to deaden the area hurt just a little bit for about 10 seconds then nothing hurt at all. I just felt him moving and pushing to get the teeth out but it didnt hurt, just felt pressure.
Reply:well... they will numb you, and that kind of hurts... but other than that its not too bad. of course its going to hurt but you will be fine... when i got mine pulled it only hurt for that day, so you shouldn%26#039;t hurt when you go to the amusement park. but be careful what you eat because i was eating potato chips the day after and they cut into my gums and it hurt a lot and it bled a lot.
Reply:ur mom iz right and they give sum thing so u won%26#039;t feel it and just sum med%26#039;s to stop tha pain afterward

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Do they ever pull other teeth and let the wisdom teeth grow in?

I was told I%26#039;ll have to have surgery to remove my wisdom teeth eventually. I guess my existing teeth are too tightly packed, so the wisdom teeth wouldn%26#039;t grow in all the way and would create an abscess. (I think, it was a while ago, just after being told I had narrowly avoided a root canal, so I was a little distracted).

So, basically, since the only reason I was given for needing surgery was I had too many teeth, I want to know if there%26#039;s a method that just involves pulling one of the already-cut teeth to allow the wisdom teeth the room to grow in. Thanks!

Do they ever pull other teeth and let the wisdom teeth grow in?
It is possible but it%26#039;s not recommended and you%26#039;ll probably only find a shady dentist willing to do it. Very few dentists are willing to extract healthy teeth. There is also no guarantee that your wisdom teeth will shift into place correctly. They can become tilted and leave a huge gap toward the gum line which will end up becoming a food trap and cause gum problems. Or they won%26#039;t shift enough leaving a gap and again becoming a food trap. It%26#039;s nearly impossible to tell which way teeth will move. If you get other teeth pulled out you%26#039;ll more than likely end up needing braces to get the wisdom teeth in the right postion. Once you take out healthy permanent teeth you%26#039;re risking alot going wrong with your smile. ( unless recommended by an orthodontist)

It%26#039;s just easier to get your wisdom teeth out . That surgery isn%26#039;t as scary as it seems you won%26#039;t even know what happened
Reply:I don%26#039;t know, but it is a question I have often pondered as it would be easier to remove the other teeth, rather than the Wisdom teeth.

I%26#039;m going to keep my eye on this and find out!
Reply:I had 4 molars pulled to make room for my wisdom teeth and haven%26#039;t had any complications yet. They took X rays before hand to check the position of the wisdom teeth to make sure that they were positioned properly to come in straight.
Reply:Yes it can be an option.

Usually it is an option if either the first or second molar is badly damaged by accident or decay.

But you have to remember that the root structure of a first or second molar is usually are more spread out and therefore better able to take the stress of your biting forces than are the roots of most wisdom teeth which are usually more conical.

Also, teeth move forward, not backwards. So if you create a space by removing the first or second molar, you had better hope that the wisdom tooth %26quot;drifts%26quot; into place the way you want it to, or else you may need braces to help you get it into place.

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How will I be able to afford the dentist at 18? What is the general cost of root canal or tooth pulling?

I%26#039;m 17-years-old with 2 bad cavities. I%26#039;ve had them since I was 9 or 10 years old. I%26#039;ve had a swollen jaw on each side when I was 15. Nothing happened at 16 and now I missed a pep rally for my senior year because of one of the teeth. Although my face isnt as swollen there is a tightness where I cant smile right now. My mom acts like I cant just go to get it pulled or a root canal. I kno if I just got a filling at 10 which woulda been way cheaper I wouldnt have anything to worry about. I know its probably expensive but I dont want my teeth to be the cause of my death! My mom rarely has any teeth and with her attitude towards the dentist I can see why. What procedures will I have to go through so my face wont swell anymore (root canal, tooth pulling etc...) and what is a general cost for it? When I%26#039;m 18 I plan on getting a regular dentist but I need to know the procedures %26amp; wait until I turn 18 within the next 5 months. Thank you.

How will I be able to afford the dentist at 18? What is the general cost of root canal or tooth pulling?
you can apply for emergency assistance..or find a dentist that allows you to make payments..a tooth pulling usually costs about 100 dollars and a root canal can cost up to around.
Reply:Your best bet is to see if there is a dental school anywhere near you. Their prices are usually 50-80% LESS than a dentist ... because it%26#039;s a school where they are teaching students to become dentists. All the students are monitored by instructors - so don%26#039;t worry too much. My Dad got a full set of dentures for $300 at a dental school!
Reply:I had to have four teeth pulled for braces. It cost $500 for all four so that was $125 to pull one tooth.
Reply:You now have something called an abcess, let me tell you that this can cause death, (I%26#039;m not kidding, my mom is a dentist) you need to take care of it now!! It happens when you don%26#039;t get cavities drilled out and filled in, and the bacteria from the deep cavity goes into your bloodstream from the tooth and can kill you. You should see a dentist right away and see if you can be on a payment plan.--Best of luck!
Reply:The cost will be $100 to $200 out of pocket, depending on the difficulty and the type of anesthetic used.

You might benefit from a dental discount plan. I am a representative with a dental plan company and I%26#039;d be happy to help you out. I respect Y!A guidelines, so I will not post the link here. However, you can see the information in my profile under %26#039;Plans for Families%26#039;.

I hope you feel better!

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Why are some dentists so hesitant to pull teeth?

I had a badly damaged tooth worked on today and it was described as %26#039;the tooth from hell.%26#039; I gave the dentist permission to pull it and she said no. She said it may give me trouble in the future... so why not pull it now? It%26#039;s a upper, rear molar.

Why are some dentists so hesitant to pull teeth?
When you have a tooth pulled, other teeth shift, the teeth behind will shift forward, the lower teeth will start to %26quot;grow%26quot; upward to fill the space causing a number of problems.

Teeth are meant to last a lifetime. I%26#039;m sure she would rather try and save your tooth than extract and replace later

Be true to your teeth - or they%26#039;ll be FALSE to you!!!!
Reply:Teeth do a lot more than give us a pretty smile. Nutritional status and general well-being can be affected by bad teeth or lack of teeth.

If your teeth are bad or missing, you might not eat the right foods because of not being able to chew them properly.
Reply:Because most dentist are in the business of saving teeth, once you start pulling teeth it can become a domino effect causing you to have to have more teeth pulled in the future. When you pull teeth it can change your bite and cause other teeth to drift. Think of it this way if you broke your arm you wouldn%26#039;t just have them cut if off, because you could have problems with that arm again in the future. The same goes for your teeth.
Reply:because teeth don%26#039;t grow back and if they can get a few more years out of it they will, besides some insurances won%26#039;t pay unless they exhaust all options first.


Reply:Sometimes it is not question of the tooth being bad, it may have been difficult to fill because of the contact area or because of a deep bite. In those cases it is not necessarily that the tooth need to be pulled, it may just be tough to get the filling material to comply with where the dentist wanted to place it .That is so you don%26#039;t end up with food getting caught in between the teeth or have a hard time flossing. Also sometimes when the bite is close the opposing tooth can crumble a new restoration easily .

It is better to keep it as long as you can IF it ends up not giving you any grief, and sometimes when a dentist fills a tooth like yours, it is a guessing game, but we do all we can to retain rather than extract.

Hope it works out well for you.
Reply:After a tooth has been damaged or destroyed, restoration of the missing structure can be achieved with a variety of treatments. Restorations may be created from a variety of materials, including amalgam, gold, porcelain, and composite. Small restorations placed inside a tooth are referred to as %26quot;intracoronal restorations%26quot;. These restorations may be formed directly in the mouth or may be cast using the lost-wax technique, such as for some inlays and onlays. When larger portions of a tooth are lost, an %26quot;extracoronal restoration%26quot; may be fabricated, such as a crown or a veneer, to restore the involved tooth.

When a tooth is lost, dentures, bridges, or implants may be used as replacements. Dentures are usually the least costly whereas implants are usually the most expensive. Dentures may replace complete arches of the mouth or only a partial number of teeth. Bridges replace smaller spaces of missing teeth and use adjacent teeth to support the restoration. Dental implants may be used to replace a single tooth or a series of teeth. Though implants are the most expensive treatment option, they are often the most desirable restoration because of their esthetics and function. To improve the function of dentures, implants may be used as support.

Here, visit the links below to learn further about dental extraction.

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